October 2014 , Volume : 03 , Issue : 01

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1 Acoustic streaming (Non-vascular application of colour Doppler) in differentiating complicated cyst and solid lesion in breast –a case study and review of literature , Dr.Khaladkar Sanjay M., Dr. Gujarathi Aditi , Dr. Kulkarni Vilas.M., Dr.Singh Amarjee
2 Study of biological markers of atherogenicity in diabetic mellitus patients (Type I & II ) association with cardiovascular risk , Dr.Rajprabha*, Dr. M. Hamid, Dr.Rakesh kumar Meena
3 Serum lipid profile comparative analysis between non-obese and obese pregnant women attending a tertiary care hospital , K. Kameswaramma
4 Halitosis-A warning sign? Dr. Swati Gupta , Dr. Richa Gupta
5 Anatomical study of the sacral hiatus , Dr. Somanath Deepa, Dr. Rajasekar SS
6 Series of vertebral synostosis-clinically implied , Dr. Somanath Deepa, Dr. Rajasekar SS
7 Series of vertebral synostosis-clinically implied , Dr. Somanath Deepa, Dr. Rajasekar SS
8 Review of variability in PSA measurement , Dr. Jayesh Warade
9 Iron deficiency anemia with thrombocytosis: a diagnostic challenge , Abha Chandna, Jyoti Sharma, Ashok Sangwaiya, Swagatika Samal, Manoj Sankala, Shilpa Garg
10 Variations in morphometry of foramina transversaria and vertebral artery in subaxial cervical region and its Surgical implications , Dr. Richa Gupta, Dr. KanchanKapoor, Dr. SumanKochhar , Dr. Anshu Sharma , Dr Daisy Sahni, DrKunalChawla
11 Physiotherapy intervention: recurrent case of gullian-barre syndrome of female adult patient , Dr. Ketaki Patani , Dr. Mahendra Shende
12 Unilateral Palatal Pizza Burn- A case report , Dr. Shivali Srivastava, Dr. Deepa Somanath, Dr. S. S. Rajasekar
13 Issue under process upto 23 October 2014 articles - 28
14 Evaluation of hypoxic-ischemic events in preterm n...
15 Pickwickian syndrome in a female farm worker , Dr B B Sabale , Dr D B Sabale
16 Relative position of gingival zenith in maxillary anterior teeth- a clinical appraisal , Dr Dipti Shah, Dr Kalpesh Vaishnav, Dr Sareen Duseja, Dr Pankti Agrawal
17 A case of malignant mucormycosis in diabetics Dr. P.K. Satpathy, Dr. P.M. Diggikar, Dr. A. Patil, Dr.Priyanka Zagade, Dr.MukundWasekar, Dr. T. VenuBabu, Dr. Deepak Baldania.
18 Status epilepticus : A rare presentation of catastrophic secondary antiphospholipid antibody syndrome with SLE RV Bhagwat, SM Patankar, GV Manudhane, SA Magdum
19 Antihepatotoxic efficacy of Vernonia amygdalina ethanolic leaf extract on Dimethylnitrosamine (DMN)-induced liver damage in rats, Usunobun Usunomena
20 Case Report by Dr Avinash Joshi
21 Evaluation of hypoxic-ischaemic events in preterm neonates using trans cranial ultrasound , Priyanka Upadhyay*, Ketki U Patil , Rajesh Kuber , Vilas Kulkarni , Amarjit Singh
22 ApolipoproteinE epsilon4 allele as a predictive genetic risk factor for the progression from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s Dementia : Literature Review , Dr Ivan Netto , Pranav Renavikar , Dr Prathamesh Kamble
23 Distraction osteogenesis following gap arthroplasty to correct facial asymmetry - a defined protocol in treatment of patients with temporomandibular joint ankylosis , Dr. Babu S. Parmar, Dr. Utsav U. Bhatt, Dr. Shilpi U. Bhatt
24 Infarcted phyllodes tumor in a teenager- a rarity – case report , Dr. KANDUKURI MAHESH KUMAR, Dr. DIVYAGNA. T, Dr. CHITHAKINDI SRAVAN, Dr. SWARUPA RAVURI
25 Scar endometriosis-a case report with review of literature , Dr. KANDUKURI MAHESH KUMAR , Dr. SUDHIR KUMAR VUJHINI , Dr. RAVIKANTH SONI , Dr. DIVYAGNA. T , Dr. KONDURU OMKARESHWAR
26 Hemolytic uremic syndrome after acute gastroenteritis – treated conservatively , RV Bhagwat , SM Patankar , AA Khune , SS Mali
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