January 2015 , Volume : 3 , Issue : 2

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1 Editorial Review: Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) Project: A Major Scientific Milestone.
2 The use of Serum & Urinary Biochemical Markers of Bone turnover in Post Menopausal Women
3 “Sexing the  femora from Marathwada region using demarcating point method.”
4 Review: Characterization of Denture Bases -Redefining Complete Denture Esthetics.
5 Case Report: Unusual plantaris muscle: A cadaveric study
6 Unusual Anterior  Tibial Artery: Case report.
7 Stem cell therapy: Boon for osteoarthritis?: Revie...
8 Study of sources of Coagulase Negative Staphylococci infection from NICU environment. (26-31)
9 Comparative study of analgesic efficacy of rectal suppository of tramadol versus diclofenac in suppressing postoperative pain after Cesarean section. (32-37)
10 Correlation between Periodontitis with Pre-Term Birth and Low Birth Weight and Effect of Non-Surgical Supportive Periodontal Therapy on Pregnancy Outcome in a Rural set up in India.(38-47)
11 Epidural Tramadol for post operative analgesia. ( 48-52)
12 Association of BMI and Hand grip strength in school children in rural area of Maharashtra in India.(53-59)
13 Unusual plantaris muscle: A cadaveric study Report from Medical College in Mumbai, India.(60-65)
14 Unusual Anterior Tibial Artery: Cadaveric case Report from Medical College in Mumbai from India.(66-69)
15 Intelligent Heart Disease Prediction System Using Data Mining Techniques , Ms. Ishtake S.H , Prof. Sanap S.A.
16 Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour : Management in a rural Medical college in India . (77-80)
17 Multi-cystic gist of stomach: an unusual presentat...
18 Evaluation of R. B. Tone XT for the safety, efficacy, tolerability and pregnancy outcomes in the management of pregnancy anemia. (86-93)
19 A novel approach for Velopharyngeal prosthetic rehabilitation: Case series. ( 70-76)
20 Obsessional   thought: Is it a common status?: A  ...
21 A rare Urinary Complications Following Electroconvulsive Therapy: Case Report , Reza Bidaki , Masoud Amin , Mahbube Akhoondi , Ali Panahi
22 Microalbuminuria and its association with risk factors among type 1 diabetes mellitus patients attending a tertiary care hospital : A cross sectional study , Reshu Gupta , Abhishek kawatra, S. Gehlot, R.P.Agrawal, B.K.Binawara, Himanshu Sharma
23 Prevalence of hypertension in an urban and rural area of Jaipur District , Kamlesh Kumar, R.P.Kothari, Kunal Kothari, Sumeet Garg, Manoj Kumar Khandelwal, Reshu Gupta
24 Study of Ascorbic acid, Vitamin E, β-Carotene & Enzymatic antioxidant- Superoxide Dismutase Levels in patients of Osteoarthritis , Dr. Shikha Mathur, Dr. Anand Sharma , Dr.Reshu Gupta , Dr. R. C. Gupta , Dr.Vaibhav Agarwal , Dr.Ankur Punia
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