October 2013,Volume:2 , Issue:1

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1 Interactive interventions for enhanced active learning in first M.B.B.S. students , Dr. Mrunal R. Shenwai
2 Estimation of gestational age using crown heel length and crown rump length in India , Dr. Sachin Sudarshan Patil ,Dr.Ramesh Nanaji Wasnik , Dr. Ravindra Baliram Deokar
3 Primary tuberculosis appendix as acute abdominal emergency , Dr Moses Ingty , Dr Dhanashree Deshpande, Dr Padmanabh Inamdar , Dr.Vishrabdha Rahul Pawar
4 A comparative stuy: Learning in Experimental Physiology with use of live animals V/S video demonstration as learning aids in first MBBS students , Dr.Vinayak.P.Doijad ,Dr. Prathamesh H.Kamble
5 Influence of menstrual cycle on lung functions in young healthy medical students , Gavali MY , Gadkari JV , Gavali YV , Patil KB
6 Dermatoglyphic Pattern in Patients with Bronchial Asthma – A Qualitative and Quantitative Study , Dr.Sahana B N , Dr. B M Bannur, Dr.B G Patil , Mr. G A Hadimani , Dr.Arun P Jose
7 Effect of cavity disinfection with chlorhexidine on microleakage of composite restorations using total etch and self etch single bottle adhesive systems: an in-vitro study , Dr. Neha Agrawal , Dr. Hemal Agrawal, Dr. Pathik Patel
8 A study on the absence/presence of the muscle Palmaris Longus in an Indian population , Sudhir Saxena
9 Bone Marrow Oxalosis : Case Report , Dr. Preeti Bajaj, Dr. Balbir singh Shah
10 Traumatic ulcer or squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue? : Case report. Dr. Syed Ishaquddin , Dr.Dalaya Maya , Dr.Mahesh Ghadage
11 An Anatomical Insight into the Biomechanics of Cobra Posture , Rathore M, Sinha MB, Trivedi S, Siddiqui AU
12 Kartagener syndrome: Case Report , Dr. Amit A. Palange, Dr. Mohd. Shahid, Dr. Manjit S. Sisode, Dr. Bhumika Vaishnav
13 Clinical evaluation of two novel self-directed bleaching agents for the treatment of teeth affected by fluorosis: In-vivo study , Dr. Mansi Dhanak , Dr. Girish Parmar (70-78)
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